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Plastic Recycling Process and Plastic Recycling Machinery

Thermal depolymerization, polymer plastic. The use of the plastic is increasing now a day like water is coming in the plastic bottle and the colas are also coming in the plastic bottles. Both of the different types of drink use in a huge amount by the people and it is not only using in some countries but the usage of the plastic bottle is in huge amount in each and every country. After drinking the material from the bottle most the people throw it in the bin as they consider the empty plastic bottle as the waste.


The recycling of every type of the plastic is necessary because the plastic which is empty and which has no use in the world and pollute the environment in one and the other way. If the empty plastic bottle will not recycled and it if burn then by the plastic the carbon will evolved in the air which pollute the environment and is also dangerous for the human being living near the area in which this type of activity is going on. The plastic recycling can save the environment and it also effect on the consumption and making the new plastics.


It is also not necessarily important that if the bottle of the plastic is recycled then after the process the recycled plastic will not use in making the same type of the commodity again. Once the plastic is recycled the is melted it can be used in making the different commodities like the plastic of the pet bottle is recycled then the chair of the plastic can be made through that re cycled plastic. Recycling is important because it also affect the cleanliness of the city. Especially the recycling of the pet plastic bottle is more important as the pet bottles after consumed is throw in the waste and is seen in the third world countries that the bottle made of the plastic can be found on the ground.


One of the challenge faced in recycling of the plastic is that as compare to the glass the recycling of the plastic need long process and so it require the time and the plastic recycling machinery rather that it is the fact that after the recycling of the plastic it is more useful than the glass or any other thing with which the same things can made. The structure of the plastic bottles are very intense type of the structure as it is made up of the polymer plastic so that the heating is not enough to melt the plastic it need more process than simple heating the bottle in the machine like one again the example of the glass is consider.


As there are many type of the plastic so that before the plastic goes in the recycling it should be categories. The plastic is categories on the level of the polymer used in making the plastic. The process in recycling is monomer recycling then thermal depolymerization and last step is heat compression.


Song Ming Machinery Industries Co., Ltd. is the pre-eminent plastic recycling machinery manufacturer and also provides waste plastic recycling plant, granulator, shredder, high speed mixer, vertical cooling blender, PVC compounding line, EVA, TPR, PVC, rubber & masterbatch pelletizing plant, PET bottles washing, crushing, & separating system and others.


In order to supply the best recycling machinery to the valuable customers, Song Ming strains every nerve to constantly upgrade the designs, products and knowledge of plastic recycling machine. They are proud of their superior standard of recycling machinery that keeps them being one of the leading companies in the recycling machine industry. Please feel free to ask them any further information or send your requirements to them.



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Taiwan Plastic Bottle Crusher Manufacturing Expert – KOWIN

KOWIN is a machinery manufacturer that designs, manufactures, and exports plastic recycling turn-key plant. Continuously dedicate to the research & development and marketing of various types of plastic recycling machinery for a long period—providing high efficiency recycling machinery and helping customers recycle plastic waste and reproduce into final products.


Today, we are going to simply introduce about KOWIN’s plastic bottle crusher below:


PET Bottle Crusher
PET Bottle Crusher


KOWIN’s plastic bottle crushers with patented rotary blades &fixed blades design. Moreover, it is with a special rotating angle, the blades function as scissor and claw knife. Quick crush, low dust. Another characteristic is able to use the less horsepower for maximum cutting efficiency. Apparently reduce your loss.



  • Heavy-duty construction-noise level is minimized. Power-saving.
  • Material of crusher blade is made in Germany; long blade life.
  • Tangential Feed-the large cutting chamber with the powerful scissor rotor cutter, assures the smoothly operation and efficiency throughout.
  • Feeding hopper remove by hydraulic-safety easy for clean and maintenance.


Technology & Feature

  • The crushing shaft is with high level, carefully, serious & precious treatment; so that it protects the shaft and prolongs its life. Preciseness without tolerance. It makes sure high-efficiency crushing and power-saving.
  • After the welding amount the blade holders, the blade holder is put into the shaft. Long service life. It solves the general problem of breakage due to the blade holder to be directly welded on the shaft in the market.
  • Safety-oriented design with limit switch for protecting the operator. Machine can be operated only when the feeding hopper is closed.
  • Three layers dust guard device for shaft; it extends shaft life.


Would you want to obtain more information about plastic waste recycling machines? If you are interested in or need further details about plastic bottle crusher and waste recycling machine series, welcome to visit the website and feel free to contact KOWIN!


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