swing arm cutting machine

Overview and Applications of Swing Arm Cutting Machines

Swing Arm Cutting Machine

For a highly efficient production in all kind of industries: Swing Arm Cutting Machine for Automotive Suppliers and Swing Arm Cutting Machines for saddlery.


A swing arm cutting machine is a highly efficient machine for the cutting of small parts in small and mean lot sizes. Swing arm cutting machines are highly efficient in all sizes of production.


It applies in almost all application areas and you can find it in almost all industries from small saddlery up to great automotive suppliers.


This type is also used as a further machine for the working of residual materials and in the lab.


Hydraulic Swing Arm Cutting Machine

Different cutting methods e.g. Laser Cutting, Water Jet Cutting or Cutters with oscillating dies, our Swing Arm Cutting Machines requires a Cutting Die with complete contour of the cut part.


Advantages of this cutting method are the complete and repeat accuracy cutting of a part in a reproducible work step. This means, that the accuracy of the cut parts are defined by the cutting die and will not be influenced by external causes.


Especially in middle and higher production volumes, the costs incurred in a cutting machine by cutting tools and cutting plates are lower than comparable cutting technologies.


Swing arm cutting machine also can be found in MINZ Inc. However, this cutting machine in MINZ is used for another application – shoe cutting. MINZ divided shoe manufacturing machines into three parts, one is shoes cutting machine including plane type cutting machine, traveling head type cutting machine, and swing arm cutting machine, another is cutting machine energy saving system, and the other is automation development equipment. Their average energy saving is 70~90% comparing to traditional power system. When the machine is not cutting, it generates zero noise, and the temperature of hydraulic fluid and motor are reduced half.


If you are interested in learning more information about MINZ’s shoe cutting machines, welcome to visit their website and feel free to contact with MINZ Inc.



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