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Band Saw Guides – Which One Do You Need?

There are kinds of band saw for you to select. So, you should know what they are and how to use them.


In order to get your vertical band saw working effectively for you, you should familiarize yourself with the various different band saw guides that are available.


You should also spend a little time understanding how to maintain them and keep them in tiptop shape. This will have a big impact on your blade performance and as such on your productivity.


Since a bandsaw guide can cost about $100 or so, you will be well rewarded if you look after yours, as you will not have to replace it as often as an uncared for guide in bad condition. There are many types of guides on the market today but it the main they are just variations of the ones I have listed below.


Sandwich Bandsaw Guide


These guides also go under the name of block guides and they hold the blade in place during the cutting. They are often used in sawmills and in situations where the need to produce volumes supersedes the requirement to save the blade.


Retrofit Roller Band Saw Guide.


This is basically a cross between two other types of guide, the Roller and the Bottom Control band saw guide. Under normal conditions the lower part of this guide has no contact with spinning blade. However if you hit a knot in the wood or some other type of bad spot, it will really come in to its own. It then prevents the saw from lurching into the timber and spoiling the cut, but after that it just sits there until the next time it is needed.


Grease Roller Guide.


This band saw guide has bearings that keep the blade straight as it passes between them. To prevent friction these bearings need to be free moving, hence the need for grease. So you must make sure that your guide can be greased. It is just like your automobile requires oil, otherwise over time the engine will seize and you will grind to a very expensive halt.


So as I said at the top, a little time spent maintaining your band saw will pay dividends down the line. It is always a good idea to refer to the manufacturers handbook for best advice on what steps to take and when.


And that by the way can go for any machinery you own.


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Band Saws and Mitre Band Saw

A Band Saw uses a blade made of a continuous band of metal with teeth along one face to cut material. The Mitre Band Saw is a saw used to make precise crosscuts and miters in to a piece.


Before Buying a Band Saw


Buying a band is often the first major purchase made for a workshop. Knowing your long-terms needs, and exactly what requirements you will have, increases the likelihood you will purchase the correct saw.


Cutting with a Band Saw


Learning to use a band saw correctly will allow stronger, sharper cuts while increasing your efficiency with the tool. A band saw can be very versatile tool in the right hands.  Learn the band saws strengths and weaknesses to get the most of the tool.


Band Saw Blades


Properly maintaining and storing the blades of a band saw allows getting the most out of the saw. The versatility of the band saw comes from the various type of blades.  Identifying the correct blade for each job is a significantly important task.


Mitre Band Saw


Understanding exactly what a mitre band saw will do will help you decide if a mitre band saw is a must have tool for your shop or just a convenient extra item. Mitre band saws can definitely a powerful useful tool, but for many it is a rarely used tool.


Using a Mitre Band Saw


The Mitre Band Saw is a precision cutting tool and must be used correctly to get the optimal output for you project. Understand exactly what you are doing with the saw and you will increase your output while making the best possible cuts.


Band Saws – How Much Saw Do You Need?


When looking to cut precise curves in wood, in most cases there is no better tool to choose than the band saw. That being said, a quality band saw will do a lot more than just cut curves. They are great for cutting tenons and some smaller rabbets, for ripping small pieces of stock and for resawing thin strips from larger pieces of wood. There are two main types of band saws, floor-standing cabinet models, and units that are shorter, for mounting either on a dedicated stand or on a bench top. Cabinet models are typically built for professional use, whereas the smaller units are better suited for the home-based woodworker. The cabinet models have more features and larger motors, and usually feature a stronger frame which leads to more consistent cutting. That isn’t to say, however, that one cannot get professional results from a bench-mounted band saw.


EVERISING is the manufacturer of specializing in producing band saws and mitre band saws. If you need more information about our mitre band saw series, welcome to visit the website of Everising to see what excellent machinery we can offer you!



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