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Some Basic Information of Rotary Tables

Rotary tables are used for precision metalworking. They are made typically with a solid base which can be clamped on to another fixture. The table is a disc which rotates freely or by use of a worm (hand crank). Rotary tables are utilized in machining, automation and assembly applications. Rotary tables are also used in equipment positioning and assembly positioning.



Important specification considerations to consider when selecting rotary tables include worktable diameter, through-hole diameter, maximum axial load, maximum radial load, table rotation speed, and minimum indexing increments. The worktable diameter refers to the surface area of a rotary table. The through-hole diameter is the breadth of the hole in the center of the workstation.  The maximum axial load is the heaviest amount that a rotary table can support when a load is pushed against the face, while on its vertical or horizontal axis. The maximum radial load is the greatest weight that rotary tables can bear during concentric operations. Rotary tables are designed to reach a maximum table rotation speed that is set by the manufacturer. The minimum indexing increment is the smallest angle setting on rotary tables.


Mounting Styles

Mounting styles for rotary tables can be horizontal, vertical, or inverted.  With horizontal mounting the table surface is in a flat, upright, horizontal position. With vertical mounting, rotary tables are mounted so the rotary table surface runs up and down.  In inverted mounting, the rotary table can be upside down in the horizontal position.


Drive Location

The drive location of rotary tables may be dependent on the mount; drives can be placed behind, below, top mounted, or on the side. When they are mounted horizontally, top-mounted drives for rotary tables are located above the table surface. Side-mounted drives are located to the side of the table surface when rotary tables are mounted horizontally. The drive mechanism for rotary tables can be manual, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, or no drive. For manual rotary tables, the table is loosened and manually turned with a crank.


Additional Features

Additional features available for rotary tables include 4-axis motion, 5-axis motion, brakes, collet spindles, position encoders, programmable CNC controlling, tilting table, indexing, T-slots in the faceplate, and multiple spindles.


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Tips for Buying Rotary Tables

Rotary table is used in the precision metalworking industry. It is made of a solid base that can be clamped on to the other fixture. In simple words, rotary tables are discs, which rotate freely or by using a worm (hand crank).


Rotary indexers are used in different applications like machining, assembly and automation. Other than this, these tables find usage in assembly and equipment positioning. When you are buying a rotary indexer, there are a few things to consider. These include:


Diameter of Rotation Dial

The worktable diameter is the surface area of the rotary indexer.


Measurement of Through-Hole Diameter

It is the diameter of the breadth of the hole present at the center of the workstation.


Maximum Radial Load

When the load is pushed against the rotating plate, the heaviest amount it can support on vertical or horizontal axis is the maximum radial load.


Maximum Axial Load of Rotary actuator

Maximum weight the actuators are able to bear at the time of concentric operations.


Actuator Speed

Maximum rotation speed set by the manufacturer.


Minimum Indexing Increment

Smallest angle setting on the table.


Rotary tables can be mounted in horizontal, inverted or vertical styles. When the table is mounted horizontally, it is in a flat, horizontal and upright position. In vertical mounting, surface of the table runs up and down. When it is inverted, the table is upside down in a horizontal angle.


The location of drive on rotary table depends on the mount. You can place the drives below, behind, on the top or on the side of the table. When the drive is mounted horizontally, it is located above the surface of the table. When the table is mounted horizontally, the side-mounted drive is placed to the side of the surface of the table.


The rotary table can be driven manually, pneumatically, hydraulically and electrically. If you are driving manually, the table should be loosened and it must be turned manually with the crank.


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About Rotary Tables

Rotary Table provides rotational force to a drill string for carrying out the process of drilling a borehole. These tables find heavy usage in the metalworking industry. A table is made of solid base that is clamped to a fixture.

In simpler words, rotary indexers are kind of discs that freely rotate or are rotated by using a hand crank (worm). You can mount these tables in vertical, horizontal or even inverted styles. When the table is fixed horizontally, it is in a horizontal, upright and flat position. In case of vertical mounting, the surface of table runs up or down; while, in horizontal angle, it is upside down.

Rotary tables are used in applications like assembling, machining and automation. These tables are also used in equipment positioning. While buying a rotary table, there are a few things to be considered:

Worktable Diameter

A worktable diameter is the surface area of the rotary actuators.

Through-Hole Diameter

The breadth of the hole at the center of the workstation is its through-hole diameter.

Radial Load

Always pay attention to the maximum load the table will be able to bear during concentric operation.


Check out the maximum rotation speed of the device.

Indexing Increment

It is the smallest angle set on the table.

The mount of the rotary table decides the location of the drive on it. User can place the drive behind, below, on top and even on the side of the table. When you mount the drive horizontally, it’s located over the surface. In case the table is horizontally mounted, a side-mounted drive is place on the side of the surface.

You can drive the rotary tables pneumatically, electrically, manually and even electrically. In case it is being driven manually, make sure the table is loosened and turned manually with crank.

A rotary table is used for various applications including:

  • Machining spanner flats on bolt.
  • Drilling holes at equal distance on circular flanges.
  • Cutting round pieces with protruding tang.
  • Creating large holes on a small milling machine by milling in circular path.
  • For milling helixes.
  • Cutting arcs
  • Cutting complex curves
  • Cutting straight lines in different angles.


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Taiwan Professional Rotary Table Supplier – Spintop Machinery

Spintop Machinery has initiated generation of the NC rotary table in year 1996 in collaboration with Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) for related items and parts; in any case. With many years of experience behind us in NC rotary table, we have added to a few models of NC turning table and the NC indexing table and we have gotten high thankfulness from the business and our esteemed clients.


As of late in the business sector, NC rotary table with DD engines are consolidated with existing controller accessible for the fourth point or fifth hub on the machine. On the other hand, DD servomotors obliged high accuracy control framework, so it gets to be crucial to get join the more elevated amount of controller, for example, HEIDENHAIN, Siemens, Fanuc 31iM and Mitsubishi M70 for the machine which thus will expand the general expenses. Because of this reason, SPINTOP built up a model of outer CNC controller that could be interfaced with the first controller or low-level CNC controller to meet the prerequisite of DD engine also keep the expense sensibly low.


Take your efficiency to new levels with practical, great turning tables and more from CNC rotary table technologies. Contact Spintop Machinery for more information.


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The Leading Of Rotary Table Manufacturer: Spintop Machinery

Established in 1993, Spintop Machinery Co., Ltd is the best and professional rotary table manufacturer in Taiwan. Spintop’s main product includes NC rotary table, hydraulic index rotary table, pneumatic index rotary table, NC rotary indexing table, tailstock, controller & display, and rotary table accessory. We have very and highly evaluation from the same trades and our customers. We sell our products to the whole world and our products are affirmative by Europe and America countries. To keep growth and improvement, we will base on the quality policy of “Best Quality, Delivery on Time and Quick Service” to contribute out best to all our customers. We are full of confidence that we can be your best partner in supplying rotary table and other product. If you need the further details of our rotary tables, please kindly contact us at any time.

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rotary table


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