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The Different Types of Plastics and How they are Recycled

It’s in bottles, containers, wrapping, and other everyday items. Plastic is as versatile as it is recyclable. By recycling the plastics you use every day, you can reduce your impact on the environment and help businesses cut costs. However, not all types of plastics are created equal. The number within the recycling symbol on plastic containers provides a wealth of information about their safety, biodegradability and recyclability. Here’s a 101 of what these various SPI codes mean.


  1. PETE or PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)

Commonly found in beverage bottles, perishable food containers and mouthwash, clear PET plastics are generally considered safe, but can absorb odors and flavors from foods and liquids stored in them. Most recycling programs accept this plastic. PET plastics are recycled into carpet, furniture, and fiber for winter garments.


  1. HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)

HDPE is another commonly recycled plastic deemed safe. HDPE products have a very low risk of leaching into foods or liquids. You’ll find this plastic in milk jugs, yogurt tubs cleaning product containers, body wash bottles and similar products. Many children’s toys are also made from HDPE. Recycled HDPE is made into pens, plastic lumber, plastic fencing, picnic tables and bottles.


  1. V or PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

Found in food wrap, plumbing pipes, tiles, windows and medical equipment, PVC is seldom recycled. PVC plastics contain harmful chemicals linked to a variety of ailments, including bone and liver diseases and developmental issues in children and infants. Keep PVC items away from foods and drinks. Specialized programs recycle PVC into flooring, paneling and roadside gutters to name a few.


  1. LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene)

More recycling programs are beginning to accept LDPE plastics. A very clean and safe plastic, LDPE is found in household items like plastic wrap, grocery bags, frozen food containers and squeezable bottles. Recycled LDPE is made into such items as garbage cans, paneling, furniture, flooring and bubble wrap.


  1. PP (Polypropylene)

Another safe plastic, PP is quite sturdy and found in Tupperware, syrup bottles, medicine bottles and yogurt containers. PP is recycled into heavy-duty items like pallets, ice scrapers, rakes and battery cables. Many recycling programs accept PP.


  1. PS (Polystyrene)

An easily recognizable plastic, PS or Styrofoam is found in beverage cups, insulation, packing materials, egg cartons and disposable dinnerware. Styrofoam is notorious for leaching and poor recyclability, though some programs may accept it. PS is recycled into various items including insulation, school supplies and license plate framing.


  1. Miscellaneous Plastics

SPI code 7 is a potpourri of plastics, one of which is polycarbonate. Sunglasses, computer casing, nylon, compact discs and baby bottles may contain #7. These types of plastics are hard to recycle and contain the toxic chemical BPA, a dangerous hormone disruptor that can cause health problems. Plastic #7 is primarily recycled into plastic lumber and specialized products.


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Application and Benefits of Plastic Shredder

The plastic shredder plays an indispensable role in so many plastic processing industries such as plastic recycling, production of new brand plastic and so on. It offers the multitude benefits in addition to size reduction. These shredders are used for processing the plastic materials which are used for producing the plastic products. Recycling of waste or products ensures that the other processes or equipment functioning smoothly.


Plastic Waste Shredders: What Are They?


The plastic is very familiar and well known component which is used by everyone. Almost all consumers wish to have these components due to convenient use such as liquid storage, toys, consumer electronics, packaging and food wrapping. If use of the plastic is over, then its disposal also increases, which is not good the environment. The plastic shredders are very useful to recoup waste plastics. These plastic waste shredders are available in so many dimensions. These recycling equipment are helpful to reduce the largest plastic parts into small plastic particles. So these types of size reduction systems are widely used in the process of plastic recycling.  The plastic is reusable by breaking its parts into small parts; standardized particles.


Industrial Plastic Shredder for Industrial Use


These consistent particles are effective to produce the highest quality plastic products. This is also one of the main advantages of using the plastic waste shredder in recycling industries. So with these unique features, the shredders are very much useful to use in so many industrial applications such as packaging, plastic processing and so on. There are unlimited benefits of using the plastic shredder in business and offices.


Benefits of Plastic Shredder


Even addressing so many security issues these types of industrial shredders are very helpful. In addition to these uses the plastic waste shredders are also environmentally friendly. Some of the useful benefits of the plastic waste shredders are listed includes; these types of shredding machinery are helpful to recoup plastic waste and size reduction. Usually these types of equipment are available with overloading protection and phase failure protection systems to ensure the safe operation. There are so many firms that provide the plastic shredder machinery which are suitable for shredding different types of plastic items offering efficient and quick performance.


Even most of the firms offer the plastic shredder machinery in customized sizes according to the needs of their clients. In order to ensure the durability and high performance these equipment are produced from high quality raw materials. It provides different types of cutting and knives technologies. These plastics come in various sizes and shapes, in order to turn these components or scrap materials into products; which are recaptured to use in various types of manufacturing techniques. For this purpose you need plastic waste shredder.


No matter whether it is a plastic container, PVC, PET bottle, the shredder will get it down into reusable size and also manageable. The Plastic Shredder Machinery contains various types of cutting chamber and powerful motor to offer the best possible results. Apart from plastic materials other types of products such as glass, steel also resized with the use of these equipment.


If you need more information of plastic shredders, welcome to check out the website of Ko Win Yang Industrial Co., Ltd. – they are the manufacturer of specializing in plastic extrusion lines. To get more details of plastic shredders, please do not hesitate to contact with KOWIN.


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Take Advantages of Plastic Granulator

Today plastic is being very common to our daily life. Avoiding plastic or the different forms of plastics are quite impossible. Toys, utensils, household decoration, vase, electronic gadgets, pipe, furniture, food packaging and much more are the uses of plastic. In short, there are rarely had a sector here plastic does not get used and what if you isn’t able to organize the plastics after use it. Yes, it becomes a major problem if the plastic isn’t destroyed or recycle. To recycling the plastic granules are the only way to accept.


Why Need Plastic Granulator?

In today’s market price of plastic and other chemical raw materials are rising high. So recycling the plastic is definitely lower your cost of production.


After using plastic containers, it needs to be destroying to avoid the in hygiene. And the manual destruction of plastic is next to impossible as it will generate life threading gasses.


Through the plastic product out will definitely cause of pollutions. It may lead to social health problems.


How Plastic Granulator Acts?

The famous among the technique behind plastic granulator is the knife designs and the cutting chambers. It has several types of knives like Double angel cut, v-type rotor, and helical rotor. The functions of different types of rotors are different.


The work of plastic granules depends on the type of materials, cutting chambers and knives, the speed of motors, the shape of the cutting etc.


Guidance of Plastic Granulator Uses:

Here some guideline to use plastic granules:


  • Before the start, the granulator makes sure the machine is empty.
  • Do not over feed the granulator
  • Keep foreign object away from the granulator
  • Before giving the plastic, turn on the granulator
  • Empty the collection bin every time after uses this.


To avoid huge scrapes and recycling plastic takes help of plastic granulator. It will lower your costing as well as energy consumption.


If you need more information of granulator, welcome to visit Song Ming Machinery Ind., Ltd. – they have specialized in manufacturing kinds of plastic recycling machines for years. To get more details of plastic granulator and much more recycling machines, please do not hesitate to contact with Song Ming.


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Plastic Recycling Process and Plastic Recycling Machinery

Thermal depolymerization, polymer plastic. The use of the plastic is increasing now a day like water is coming in the plastic bottle and the colas are also coming in the plastic bottles. Both of the different types of drink use in a huge amount by the people and it is not only using in some countries but the usage of the plastic bottle is in huge amount in each and every country. After drinking the material from the bottle most the people throw it in the bin as they consider the empty plastic bottle as the waste.


The recycling of every type of the plastic is necessary because the plastic which is empty and which has no use in the world and pollute the environment in one and the other way. If the empty plastic bottle will not recycled and it if burn then by the plastic the carbon will evolved in the air which pollute the environment and is also dangerous for the human being living near the area in which this type of activity is going on. The plastic recycling can save the environment and it also effect on the consumption and making the new plastics.


It is also not necessarily important that if the bottle of the plastic is recycled then after the process the recycled plastic will not use in making the same type of the commodity again. Once the plastic is recycled the is melted it can be used in making the different commodities like the plastic of the pet bottle is recycled then the chair of the plastic can be made through that re cycled plastic. Recycling is important because it also affect the cleanliness of the city. Especially the recycling of the pet plastic bottle is more important as the pet bottles after consumed is throw in the waste and is seen in the third world countries that the bottle made of the plastic can be found on the ground.


One of the challenge faced in recycling of the plastic is that as compare to the glass the recycling of the plastic need long process and so it require the time and the plastic recycling machinery rather that it is the fact that after the recycling of the plastic it is more useful than the glass or any other thing with which the same things can made. The structure of the plastic bottles are very intense type of the structure as it is made up of the polymer plastic so that the heating is not enough to melt the plastic it need more process than simple heating the bottle in the machine like one again the example of the glass is consider.


As there are many type of the plastic so that before the plastic goes in the recycling it should be categories. The plastic is categories on the level of the polymer used in making the plastic. The process in recycling is monomer recycling then thermal depolymerization and last step is heat compression.


Song Ming Machinery Industries Co., Ltd. is the pre-eminent plastic recycling machinery manufacturer and also provides waste plastic recycling plant, granulator, shredder, high speed mixer, vertical cooling blender, PVC compounding line, EVA, TPR, PVC, rubber & masterbatch pelletizing plant, PET bottles washing, crushing, & separating system and others.


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Plastic Recycling Machine Supplier

Song Ming Machinery Industries Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of plastic recycling machines, and it has been in the plastic recycling field for almost two decades. Song Ming is not only reputable for its pelletizing extruders, it also has the best credentials in the plastic recycling peripherals, such as granulators, mixers, ribbon blenders, and knife grinders. Clients’ continuous recognition and confidence in our products not only enriched our product range and also accelerated growth of our company. “Contributing to the World through Recycling plants”, it is our goal. This is made possible by Years of profound experience in plastic recycling field.


In order to supply the best recycling machinery to the valuable customers, Song Ming strains every nerve to constantly upgrade the designs, products and knowledge of plastic recycling machine. They are proud of their superior standard of recycling machinery that keeps them being one of the leading companies in the recycling machine industry. Please feel free to ask them any further information or send your requirements to them.


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