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What is a Turret Type CNC Lathe?

Read this article to know more about a unique type of lathe machine which can be used for mass production either using modern CNC technology or older mechanical system controls. Here, we will focus on the turret type CNC lathe and learn about its working and uses it can be put to.


What is a Turret Lathe?

A lathe can be used for various purposes including woodcutting, metal-cutting, watch-making and what not. The basic purpose of all these machines is to minimize human labour involved in the process and make it as much automated and refined as possible. Lathes which are used for metal cutting in industrial processes are normally required to produce products on a mass scale.


A single product requires several machining operations which in turn would require several different kinds of tools to carry out these operations. If an operator were to manually adjust each tool after every single operation, this would certainly consume a lot of time and unnecessary efforts.


Keeping the above limitations in mind the engineers came up with the idea of a typical lathe machine where everything could be fitted and configured in one go literally speaking. Such a metal working lathe which has got a turret and can perform several functions in an automated fashion is known as a turret type CNC lathe.


How Does It Function?

Turret type CNC lathe is all very well to say that the processes are automated but how do we go about achieving the same? Well the answer varies depending on the nature of lathe we are talking about. For example modern CNC lathes use servo-mechanisms to control and time all these processes while in the older versions mechanical arrangements such as stop limits etc. are used to achieve the same goal.


About The Turret

If you are aware of gun related terminology you surely would know that a turret refers to a sort of arrangement which his used to hold several weapons which can fire the particular shot depending on exact requirement. The turret of the lathe is a similar platform in the form of a tool holder, which holds various tools which can be used by appropriate rotation depending on the requirement of the work piece in a specific order which is preset using whichever method is used to control the automation.


More Classifications of Turret Lathes

There are several classifications of turret lathes and there is another category of lathes known as capstan lathes which have a close resemblance to turret lathes but with some underlying differences between the two.


If you want to get more information about turret type CNC lathe, please do not hesitate to check out the website of Jinn Fa Machine Industrial Co., Ltd. – this company specialized in kinds of CNC lathes including automatic lathe, swiss lathe, turning lathes, smart lathe, etc. Feel free to send inquiries to the company to let Jinn Fa know your requirements of lathe machines.


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The Advantages of Outstanding High Precision CNC Lathe Services for Your Business

If you have never used high precision CNC lathe services or only rely on them occasionally, you probably have no idea about the tremendous advantages they can offer your business. With professional CNC turning services, you have multiple ways to make your brand more visible, your customers happier, and your success greater.


The most significant advantage is that you end up with custom metal lathe work. Regardless of the part or component that you need fabrication for, the finished product will exceed your expectations. This type of CNC machining service can make precise cuts. However, because the workpiece rotates while the cutting tool eliminates material on the outside of the product while in production, this is also an excellent way to save money.


Another huge advantage is that because a CNC turning machine can operate non-stop except for occasional maintenance, it is ideal for large production runs. Therefore, if you need one or several parts replicated in a high volume of numbers, the job can be completed quickly without sacrificing the quality of the finished product. Even when you need something created a thousand times over, the result is always exceptional.


Another benefit to your company is that thanks to advances in computer software programs, the machines that fabrication companies use today are even more precise than before. Along with standard parts and components, this innovative software can create intricate designs that were at one time unachievable. Therefore, if you need something customized, CNC machining is the perfect solution.


Also, while aluminum is one of the most common materials used for both CNC turning and CNC milling, today’s high-tech machines can also handle steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, plastic, and more. Because of that, you can enjoy the benefits of a CNC precision product regardless of the material you choose. Whether you need an aluminum CNC machined part or your manufacturing company makes plastic pipe fittings for the construction industry, this process is ideal.


When using CNC machined parts and components in your manufacturing equipment, you will experience less downtime and equipment failure. As a result, you do not have to worry about disrupted productivity, which would delay getting your product to the customer. Instead, your equipment will operate flawlessly, keeping the workflow going and your customers happy.


You can enhance your current business by relying on superior CNC turning, lathe, and milling machining performed by a reputable company.


If you need more information about high precision CNC lathes and turning machines, try to check out the website of JENN WEI MACHINERY here: The company is the CNC turning center manufacturing expert. More details, please feel free to send inquiry to JENN WEI.



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Understanding The Different Types of CNC Lathe Machine

Many people are surprised that there are different kinds of CNC lathes. Although the concept behind the machines is much the same, there are differences. Before choosing just any CNC lathe services, it would be helpful for you to have a better understanding of this machine and its unique types. That way, you end up hiring the right CNC cutting service – one that can accomplish what you need done.


Lathe Machine Types


For CNC lathe machines, there are four primary types.


  • Speed Lathes –

    The speed lathe has a simple design. On this machine, there is only a headstock, tailstock, and tool post. Although the speed lathe only operates in either three or four speeds, the spindle speed is high. Typically, people use this type of lathe for light machine work, including metal spinning, wood turning, and metal polishing.


  • Engine Lathes –

    Of all lathe machines, the engine lathe is the most commonly used. Not only is this lathe incredible for lower-power operations, but it is great for high-power operations as well. This machine also comes in a variety of lengths up to 60 feet. Although many CNC machine shop services rely on even more sophisticated equipment, an engine lathe is often part of the lineup. This lathe also operates on a broad range of speed ratios, and because of that, it can machine different metals.


  • Turret Lathes –

    Especially for quick operations, the turret lathe is ideal. Mounted on to a single structure are various types of tool posts. This single setup makes it possible to finish jobs quickly. Along with a capstan wheel for positioning the next tool, this machine performs a sequential process using the turret but without the workpiece moving, thereby preventing errors associated with misalignment.


  • Tool Room Lathes –

    By being so versatile, this type of lathe machine provides unbeatable and enhanced finishing. Also, the tool room lathe has more speeds, it gives different feeds, and for manufacturing die, it works perfectly.


Along with the most common types of lathe machines, there are others, including automatic lathes, brake drum lathes, crankshaft lathes, duplicating lathes, jeweler’s bench lathes, and multi-spindle lathes.


Trusting the Best


With so many options, it is important that you choose the right CNC lathe services.


If you are looking for the best automatic lathe machine supplier, I recommend that you can visit the website of JINN FA: The company is a precision machine tool manufacturer in Taiwan. It designs and manufactures a wide range of lathe machines. For more details, please send inquiry to JINN FA.



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EMO Hannover 2017 Final Countdown 3 Days!

EMO Hannover 2017 is coming next Monday. Are you all packed?


I think that Taiwan exhibitors are excited to attend this grand B2B event. And bring their most excellent machinery to present to worldwide exhibitors.


Today, I’m going to show you one of Taiwan outstanding companies of producing lathe machines, SHUN CHUAN Machinery Ind. Co., Ltd.


Established in 1994, Shun Chuan is a professional CNC Lathes manufacturer who specializes in producing CNC lathe. They insist to manufacture the efficiently and high-performance CNC Lathe series for our clients. Also, Shun Chuan dedicates in research and development to innovate our CNC lathes products to meet the clients’ demands in top standard. And they have won a solid reputation for the dependability of its products.


Shun Chuan machines have been sold to over 60 countries in Europe, America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. They said that will constantly develop new models to provide flexible choices and a competitive edge to our customers all over the world.


If you have any interest in learning more information about Shun Chuan and their products, welcome to visit their website to obtain details you need.
SUNMASTER in EMO Hannover 2017
SHUN CHUAN Machinery Ind. CO., Ltd.

No.5, Lin 1, Shan Kan Li, Yuan Li Town, Miaoli County, Taiwan.

TEL: +886-37-741591(Rep.)

FAX: +886-37-741593




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How CNC Turning Machines Can Help Manufacturing Business

Do you know what actually CNC machining is all about? CNC, an acronym for Computer Numerical Control is a process used especially in the manufacturing industries that involves the computer use for handling machine tools. CNC machining is the practice of milling and spinning of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. There are online machining services for brass, iron, copper, plastic, steel, aluminum or other metal. Fine metals including silver, gold and platinum are also handled by the service providers. They have an in-depth precision of sheet metal.


Today, CNC turning machine is the most efficient tool available for manufacturing industries using which manufacturers can expand their business. Using this technology in manufacturing can give lots of advantages.


Keep Ahead of The Competition – In the everyday competitive market, manufacturing business is quite challenging for both a new and old one. CNC machining is commonly popular as computer controlled, since they’re extremely expert at producing than outdated common systems. If you have a manufacturing business and looking for large agreements or contracts with other organizations, remember you have the innovative technology to fulfill the demand and need.


In a CNC machine, there are CNC machining parts which are used for different purposes like drilling, cutting, milling, routing, or anything that works on materials like metal and wood. CNC machines can be used to build accurate forms and shapes using the automatic system from the computer. Using CNC machining parts, raw materials in the machine are processed, and are given different forms by shaping them through cutting tools. Cutting tools, control panel, axis, coolant supply tube, table, and spindle are a few of the CNC machined parts. The CNC processes help in saving lots of time, money and efforts of the business as they are automated.


Manufacture with Accuracy – Manual turners and millers can use CNC turning machines to do extremely better. The turning and milling process can vastly grow your business prospects when handled by computer. The industries such as healthcare sector that have extremely complex and precise designs need parts that are perfect. Using this new technology, one doesn’t have to worry about the possibility of individual flaw.


Increase Profit and Reduce Efforts – CNC turning machines are a bit expensive, but getting it is very beneficial. This machine will not only reduce the production cost, but also time and effort. CNC is actually quite time-consuming and thrift technology through the edges. If you’re planning to buy the machine, make sure the device is right and works error-free. It can be indeed a real selection for boosting the production.


Cut Down The Expenditure Cost – Dropping the consuming cost is surely one of the major benefits. Manufacturing engineering companies fritter away huge amounts of money annually on wastage, because of the individual error. This way expenditure can be reduced and thus increasing the benefits.


Improved Efficiency – Without any doubt, CNC machines are one of the most efficient means of producing an element due to the fact that most include internal quality assurance detectors. With the great speed of production and best raw material usage, along with its efficiency, it’s obvious to see why CNC machining is a remarkable standard of metalworking and part fabrication.


SEHO Industry Co., Ltd. is the professional supplier of used CNC lathes. Our second hand machinery including CNC turning machine, CNC boring machine, double column machining center, and so on CNC equipment. If you are interesting in spending the least money to obtain the best machines, welcome to browse our website or contact with SEHO directly! Numerous CNC lathes all can be found here.



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