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What are CNC Tool and Cutter Grinder and Its Applications?

Today’s tool and cutter grinder is typically a CNC machine tool, usually 5 axes, which produces endmills, drills, step tools, etc. which are widely used in the metal cutting and woodworking industries.


Modern CNC tool and cutter grinders enhance productivity by typically offering features such as automatic tool loading as well as the ability to support multiple grinding wheels. High levels of automation, as well as automatic in-machine tool measurement and compensation, allow extended periods of unmanned production. With careful process configuration and appropriate tool support, tolerances less than 5 micrometers (0.0002″) can be consistently achieved even on the most complex parts.


Apart from manufacturing, in-machine tool measurement using touch-probe or laser technology allows cutting tools to be reconditioned. During normal use, cutting edges either wear and/or chip. The geometric features of cutting tools can be automatically measured within the CNC tool grinder and the tool ground to return cutting surfaces to optimal condition.


Significant software advancements have allowed CNC tool and cutter grinders to be utilized in a wide range of industries. Advanced CNC grinders feature sophisticated software that allows geometrically complex parts to be designed either parametrically or by using third party CAD/CAM software. 3D simulation of the entire grinding process and the finished part is possible as well as detection of any potential mechanical collisions and calculation of production time. Such features allow parts to be designed and verified, as well as the production process optimized, entirely within the software environment.


Tool and cutter grinders can be adapted to manufacturing precision machine components. The machine, when used for these purposes more likely would be called a CNC Grinding System.


CNC Grinding Systems are widely used to produce parts for aerospace, medical, automotive, and other industries. Extremely hard and exotic materials are generally no problem for today’s grinding systems and the multi-axis machines are capable of generating quite complex geometries.


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Factors to Consider Before Buying Grinding Machines

Grinding machines are used in different industrial setups to grind different materials. A grinding machine is a machine tool and has an abrasive wheel as its main part. The material grinded in the machine is known as work piece. From plastics to variety of metals, different work pieces are grinded in these machines.


Visit a b2b marketplace and you will find various manufacturers offering these machines with different specifications. The variety exists due to the need to cater to different purchasing needs of the customers. Here is a discussion to help you know what features of grinding machine your customers would look for.


Types of Grinding Machines


First of all, you must be familiar with different types of grinding equipment and which of them are most purchased in your region. Here are the main types of machines you should find with suppliers:


  • Belt Grinding: Processing of the work piece, including finishing, edge breaking and removal of stock is easily done with this machine.


  • Bench Grinding: Hand grinding of cutting tools like lathe tools is done with a bench grinder. Many other rough grinding functions are also performed by it.


  • Surface Grinding: As the name suggests, surface grinders work upon the surface of the work piece to lend smoothness. A refined look of the work piece is obtained through the process.


  • Jig Grinding Machine: Used for processes that require high level of accuracy and finish, a jig grinder is suitable for grinding complex shapes.


  • Cylindrical Machine: The work pieces with a central axis of rotation make use of cylindrical grinding machine.


  • Gear Cutting: Another common type of machines used for grinding is the gear cutting machine. It is used for hobbing, machining, forging, casting and other processes.


Material Processed


The purchasers of grinding machines take into consideration the material they wish to process through these machines. For example, a gear cutting machine is suitable for metals, plastic and wood, whereas belt grinding machine is mainly used for metals. A bench grinder designed for grinding steel can’t be used for grinding aluminum and other soft materials. So, consider the industry setups in your region to entertain the right type of audiences.


Machine Specifications


The grinding machine suppliers manufacture grinding machines using different specifications. You can find machines with different specifications with machine suppliers. Here are some of the main specifications of these machines:


  • Size of the grinding wheel.


  • Input power required to operate the machine for different purposes.


  • Frequency and volt rating.


  • No-load speed.


  • Type of control for grinding head.


  • Horizontal or vertical spindle and many more.


Finally, the customers consider whether they want to have a hand-operated or a CNC controlled machine.


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