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A Fingerprint Time Attendance System

Biometric Technology enables identification of person based on intrinsic physical characteristics. There are several body parts which are commonly used for biometric identification such as fingerprint, face, iris, and palm. Fingerprint is the one that most widely used for identification system. Besides showing unique pattern for each person, fingerprint also possess other attributes that make it popular biometric object such as easy to capture, consistent throughout human lifespan and enable quick verification.


Today, fingerprint time attendances have been widely used as standard office equipments. Its usage encompasses variety of purposes. It is used for controlling the physical security access, authenticating privilege for particular business process, and also recording time attendance. This article mainly discusses the last issue, which is to help you to choose fingerprint time attendance as a time attendance recorder. Here are several features that you must consider when choosing fingerprint time attendance:


  • Type of Sensor: sensor is the most important part of fingerprint time attendance. It captures the image of fingerprint before being converted into unique identification number. There are two most common types of sensors: optical sensor and silicon sensor.
  • Optical Sensor is the oldest type of sensor. It is easier to implement and relatively more stable in diverse room temperature. However its performance will be highly dependent on the clarity of the optical surface. For this reason, when choosing fingerprint time attendance with optical sensor, you should consider the coated optical sensor. The coat prevents the sensor from being touched directly and maintains the clarity of optical surface.
  • Silicon Sensor is newer technology, it constructs fingerprint image by mapping pressure or capacitance differences between the skin and the silicon chip. This technology offers several advantages like producing a more accurate fingerprint image, occupying smaller space, and requiring smaller to budget implement. However, unprotected silicon sensor will not be durable for frequent usage. Consequently, Silicon Sensor is not commonly used for public usage such as time attendance machine that will be accessed hundreds of times everyday.
  • Capacity of Fingerprint Template: capacity of fingerprint template is maximum number of fingerprint image that can be stored within the fingerprint time attendances. It is advisable to choose a fingerprint time attendance that has fingerprint template at least twice the maximum amount of employee. By having number of fingerprint template twice the amount of employee, each employee can register a backup finger if the machine has a problem for identification.
  • Capacity of Log Buffer: capacity of log buffer is the maximum number of log transactions that can be stored temporarily inside the fingerprint time attendance. Time attendance transaction log is usually stored for several days before being downloaded into database sever. Therefore, the capacity of log buffer must be several times (usually more than five times) bigger than amount of employee.
  • Identification Speed: identification speed is the average time required by fingerprint time attendance to identify a person based on his or her fingerprint pattern. The process comprises scanning the fingerprint, searching, and comparing the fingerprint pattern against its own fingerprint database. A good fingerprint time attendance should be able to identify a person in less than 1-second.
  • Standard Error: fingerprint time attendance cannot work perfectly all the time. It may wrongly identify the fingerprint pattern. There are two types of identification error: FAR (False Acceptance Rate) and FRR (False Rejection Rate). False Acceptance Rate is the percentage of machine to grant access the impostors. Meanwhile, False Rejection Rate is the percentage of machine to reject access by authorized user. Fingerprint time attendance should have as low as possible FRR and FAR. A Standard quality reference for FRR is below 0.1% and for FAR is below 0.001%.
  • Reporting Software: reporting software aggregates the transaction logs and reports in readable format. This software also helps the owner to analyze productivity of each employee. Although not all fingerprint time attendances come with built-in reporting software, it is very important component of time attendance system. It will eventually deliver the result to the owner. The quality of fingerprint time attendance is determined by its ability to deliver reports that meet the business requirements.

There are many different models, features, and capabilities of fingerprint time attendance available in the market nowadays. The most advance and versatile fingerprint time attendance may be not the most suitable for particular company’s environment. The best product is the one that fits the business and technical requirements. It means the machine must have appropriate technical specification that fits the physical environment and number of users. It must also deliver valuable information for managing the human resources productivity.


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An Innovative Yet Efficient Invention in the Field of Biometrics

Everyday it might sound new while talking about major biometric products but biometrics is amongst us since long. We utilize the biometric products in our daily life by some or the other way just to get all sorts of benefits that each and every device is specialized on. While all this devices are based on the same technological process but they vary by the medium which acts as the source to offer the security. Some biometric devices are based on recognizing the iris of the individuals, some are based on recognizing the voice, and if some are based on recognizing the face then some are based on recognizing the fingerprint. While comes the involvement of the fingerprint, things become interesting isn’t it!

While considering the fingerprint as the source of security, curiosity automatically generates regarding the technology. Well, if you are curious to know about the technology then you are surely stepping towards the most useful and interesting concept in the world of biometrics. Biometric fingerprint reader of India is based on the touch technology. With this, every person needs to touch the device in order to get authenticated. Digging the core, the device captures the fingerprint details of the individuals and stores the data electronically. When the person re-visits the premise and punches the device again then, the device matches the stored patterns of fingerprint with newest patterns. When the device gets the match, it grants the authentication else it denies.

Unbeatable Truth regarding Fingerprint Time Attendance System:

Let’s take an example regarding the biometric fingerprint time attendances system. Just think once that you have installed a biometric fingerprint time attendance system in the place of face recognition system or any other biometric products. The biometric fingerprint reader in India is efficient to manage a huge mass and then too it requires a very little installation cost.

In spite of managing large volume of data, still it requires a minimum maintenance cost where as if you will install a face recognition system at your premise then, installation charge would be equal to the 1 year maintenance cost of the fingerprint device. Tough to decide, isn’t it! But when you are getting efficient system at a lower price and that is even, easily manageable and maintained then why not to go for it! Yes, your biometric fingerprint reader is much more capable and efficient than the existing other biometric products.

Reasons that makes it Stronger to Compete:

A biometric fingerprint device possesses a number of advantages in real life, which is not only beneficial for the organization but also for the entrepreneurs. Those positive points can be stated as follows:

* The device needs a very minimum installation cost.

* The device can work at a very fast rate and can manage huge bulk of data.

* Biometric fingerprint time attendance system can be maintained at a very low cost.

These are the benefits, which are making the biometric time attendance system user friendly. The device can be installed in indoor premises and can be utilized for 24×7. If you want your premise to provide you with better facility by maintaining the quality then, fingerprint devices are the right choice for your organization.

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