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Swing Arm Clicker Press Maintenance

The most widely used die cutting machine in the world: the swing arm clicker press. If you’re reading this post, perhaps you own or manage one. With a good operator that has a routine or system, a swing arm clicker press can put out a lot of cut material in a small amount of time. It’s important to take care of your dies and make the right adjustments for that respective die, but it’s also important to keep your machine maintained for optimal performance, and protection of those dies.


Swing arm clicker presses are most frequently used with leather, footwear, gaskets, foam & rubber, plastics and textiles. Let’s say you just received a large sheet of rubber and have a die (or dies) that need to be cut with it. You go to turn on your machine and get it warmed up, adjust the height settings, do a test press, and notice that the machine is pressing down too hard. When this occurs, your order may need to be halted. This not only bottlenecks your process, but it sets back the recipient of the order, and if it happens mid-pressing, it could ruin your die.


Regular maintenance can avoid downtime, ruined dies, and even increase productivity. You can best maintain your machine by keeping it and its components clean. Debris and dust can clog filters and cause electrical components to lose connection.


Sometimes the issues can be something simple, or it could be something more serious like a cylinder seal replacement. All of them revolve around press pressure. Some issues we see include:


  • Electrical Component Failure, in particular, the pressure switch. When this component starts to fail, the press may start acting up and give you differential pressure between cuts.
  • Motor or pumps can go bad, which causes a loss of pressure. Perhaps you used to be able to cut on 5, now you need to set the press to 9 or 10.
  • Broken Hydraulic System. You may see air in the oil, holes or lose hoses, and filter issues.
  • Bad seals


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