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Applications for Diamond and CBN Grinding Tools

Resinoid Diamond and CBN Wheels
CBN wheels feature considerably lower wear, which makes it easier to reach a high shape and dimension accuracy. Tools that have been grinded with CBN stand out due to the higher tool life and cause less damage to the surface integrity of the workpiece. Due to their outstanding tool life and high resistance to wear, diamond and CBN tools have successfully replaced many conventional abrasives as well as machining and stock removal techniques in a wide variety of industries. The tools are extremely cost effective, especially in the high volume production sectors.
Electroplated Diamond and CBN Wheel


Diamonds are primarily used to grind hard and short-chipping materials, such as hard metal, ceramics, glass, ferrites, semiconductor materials, graphite, abrasion resistant spray-on alloys and fiber composite materials.


When grinding hard-to-machine steels with a hardness of over 55 HRC, CBN does offer economic and technological advantages compared to other conventional grinding. Among the high alloy steels are included: HSS, hardened steels, ball bearing steels, spring steels as well as stellites, chrome-, nickel-, titanium and cobalt alloys.


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A CBN Grinding Wheel Dissected

A cubic boron nitride or CBN grinding wheel makes use of the unique properties of CBN in order to precision-cut various materials that are considered extremely hard. Along with diamond wheels, CBN wheels are known as super abrasive products since they are used in applications where regular grinding wheels may not prove as effective, such as precision cutting of tool and die steel, stainless steel and other kinds of hardened alloy steel or super alloys.


The sturdy, synthetically manufactured compound, like diamonds, is an extremely hard substance. CBN is made by exposing hexagonal boron nitride to high temperatures, in a manner similar to how synthetic diamonds are made using graphite. Companies commonly utilize this super-hard material as a substitute for diamonds in abrasive tools and other heavy industrial equipment.


Unlike diamond, at high temperatures CBN is insoluble in iron, nickel and related alloys. The precious gem, by contrast, is soluble in these metals, and its use to cut them results in the formation of carbides, which dull and eventually ruin a grinding tool prematurely.


It is evident that cubic boron nitride is a very durable substance that has true usefulness as an abrasive tool. Many of today’s grinding and cutting tools that utilize CBN are precisely built instruments. They have been very carefully balanced and ground in order to give optimum performance. CBN grinding wheels, like other precision instruments, need to be maintained and prepared properly before and after use, in order for its users to get the most out of it.


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Quality and Professional Ceramic Fiber Stones Provider – Besdia

Ceramic Fiber Stones


All new BESDIA Ceramic Fiber Stones use the special ceramic fibers combined with the unique bonding material and manufacturing process. Compare to the previous one we sold:


  • Our improvements in production processes give better tensile strength to the stones, hence fewer breakages.
  • A polishing efficiency increase of 10% to 20% has been achieved.
  • Durability under the same working conditions has been increased by 10% to 30%.


With improvements in our ceramic fiber stone, Besdia also provides high quality mini ceramic fiber stones for customers. Traditional oil stone and ruby stones in such a small sizes are very easy to break, while our mini ceramic fiber stone provide high strength and high elasticity, so easily resolve the problem of easy to break.


Mini Ceramic Fiber Stones

Mini Ceramic Fiber Stones are cut by ceramic fiber stone, their size from 0.5 x 0.5 mm to 1 x 2 mm. It is good for all type of molds and dies fine and super fine finishing. Especially for engraving parts, slight ribs, R ribs, corners, complicated area and details.


If other tool parts need details lapping, Besdia mini ceramic fiber stone would be the most wonderful tools. Welcome to visit our website to learn more information about diamond and cbn tools. Feel free to contact us.



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