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Buying a Lathe: Slant Beds and Multitasking Configurations

What are some variations on the basic lathe configuration? This can be helpful to review when considering the purchase of a new turning machine.


When buying a turning machine, it can be helpful to be familiar with the various machine configurations available. Slant bed lathes provide a number of advantages, while multitasking lathe configurations might open up possibilities heretofore unthought of.


Slant Bed Lathes

The slant bed lathe design is probably the most common and well-known configuration in today’s CNC lathes. Typically, the bed of the lathe slants at a 30- or 45-degree angle, although some 60-degree models also are available.


One obvious advantage to the slant bed design is effective chip evacuation. Chips are simply washed into a chip conveyor or tray in the machine by the flow of coolant and the assistance of gravity. In high-volume production environments, evacuating chips quickly helps prolong the life of the machine by preventing them from accumulating where they may wear the machine ways or other moving parts.


Another advantage of slant-bed designs is larger X-axis travel. Unlike flatbed lathes in which the length of the guide rail is limited to the horizontal depth of the casting, the slant-bed design accommodates longer X-axis rails. This design also enables the slant-bed lathe to accept a larger part than a flatbed lathe with the same footprint.


Optimally, the headstock of a slant bed lathe is mounted on the bed and shares the same 30- or 45-degree angle, parallel to the X axis and traveling on the same plane as the linear axes. Less-expensive models may be constructed with the base of the headstock at zero degrees (flat on the base and not slanted). This design makes the machine harder to get back in operation after a crash.


Multitasking Lathes

Multitasking machines are often built on a turning center platform. These machines use rotary tools to combine several cutting processes such as turning, milling, drilling, tapping, grooving, threading and deep-hole boring on one machine. It is not necessary to have multiple machines to handle those operations separately. Typically, multitasking turning centers have a second main spindle or an additional subspindle to which the workpiece can be transferred automatically from the first spindle. This enables continuous and simultaneous machining of first and second operations. The second spindle can grab the part for work on its back side to complete the part in one setup.


When a subspindle is used in conjunction with a bar feeder, the subspindle grabs the end of the bar and pulls out the length needed for the next part. The subspindle is more precise in pulling out the stock than the bar feeder is pushing it in.


After the parting tool severs the finished part, the subspindle can then drop it into the parts catcher while the main spindle begins machining the next part. The value of the parts catcher cannot be overstated as a reliable method for removing the finished part from the subspindle to make room for the next part.


With automatic subspindle workpiece transfer, a three-jaw or dead-length collet chuck is required. You don’t want a chuck or collet that may move in or out slightly to push or pull on the workpiece when clamping. This unwanted motion can easily mar the workpiece.


There’s virtually no limit to the variety of multitasking lathes that provide innovative part-processing combinations and superb performance. Twin main spindles and dual-turret configurations are two examples. It should be noted that it may be necessary to have separate part programs that can run simultaneously, each synchronized to avoid a collision. Shops that are new to the concept of multitasking on a lathe may not realize that new programming software and additional programmer training may be required to support these machines.


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Understanding The Different Types of CNC Lathe Machine

Many people are surprised that there are different kinds of CNC lathes. Although the concept behind the machines is much the same, there are differences. Before choosing just any CNC lathe services, it would be helpful for you to have a better understanding of this machine and its unique types. That way, you end up hiring the right CNC cutting service – one that can accomplish what you need done.


Lathe Machine Types


For CNC lathe machines, there are four primary types.


  • Speed Lathes –

    The speed lathe has a simple design. On this machine, there is only a headstock, tailstock, and tool post. Although the speed lathe only operates in either three or four speeds, the spindle speed is high. Typically, people use this type of lathe for light machine work, including metal spinning, wood turning, and metal polishing.


  • Engine Lathes –

    Of all lathe machines, the engine lathe is the most commonly used. Not only is this lathe incredible for lower-power operations, but it is great for high-power operations as well. This machine also comes in a variety of lengths up to 60 feet. Although many CNC machine shop services rely on even more sophisticated equipment, an engine lathe is often part of the lineup. This lathe also operates on a broad range of speed ratios, and because of that, it can machine different metals.


  • Turret Lathes –

    Especially for quick operations, the turret lathe is ideal. Mounted on to a single structure are various types of tool posts. This single setup makes it possible to finish jobs quickly. Along with a capstan wheel for positioning the next tool, this machine performs a sequential process using the turret but without the workpiece moving, thereby preventing errors associated with misalignment.


  • Tool Room Lathes –

    By being so versatile, this type of lathe machine provides unbeatable and enhanced finishing. Also, the tool room lathe has more speeds, it gives different feeds, and for manufacturing die, it works perfectly.


Along with the most common types of lathe machines, there are others, including automatic lathes, brake drum lathes, crankshaft lathes, duplicating lathes, jeweler’s bench lathes, and multi-spindle lathes.


Trusting the Best


With so many options, it is important that you choose the right CNC lathe services.


If you are looking for the best automatic lathe machine supplier, I recommend that you can visit the website of JINN FA: The company is a precision machine tool manufacturer in Taiwan. It designs and manufactures a wide range of lathe machines. For more details, please send inquiry to JINN FA.



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What You Need to Know About CNC Metal Lathe?

Metal lathe is one of the processes taking place in the actual metal process. When metal is cut and treated, metal lathe is one of these cutting processes. CNC Metal lathe device is a general term for a machine utilized to eliminate material for a work piece, though the use of a cutting tool. They are specifically designed for metals.


There are a lot of lathe variations in terms of processing the metals. In the metalworking field, several lathe techniques are being used to ascertain the quality and cut of the metal that is under processed. At the same time, there is a lot of CNC Lathe used for metal lathes. Let us discuss one by one the most commonly used Metal Lathe machines that are being used in treating any types of metals.


First on the list is the centering lathe machine. It is a double head machine which focuses the work at the center of the work piece. He heads are fixed and moved forward creating a drill hole in the middle of the work piece in both ends of it. The result form of the work piece can now be utilized in the center with the aid of another operation. Center lathe can also be referred to as an engine lathe and more metals are subject to this type of lathe. This type of machine is the most widely used machine for metal lathe and it is preferred by most of the general hobbyist or machinist.


Another type of machine for lathe purposes is the capstan lathe machine. The machine is categorized to be a manufacturing machine. It is a specialized machine which incorporates the functions of a typical lathe machine plus the revolutionary tailstock in a capstan style. It is commonly used for woodworking and other wood industries alike.


Another type of machine used for lathe is the turret lathe. It is also considered a manufacturing machine, and is very similar with the capstan machine appearance. Unlike the capstan machine which is stationary, turret machines are more versatile and mobile since it contains the turret slides that glide straight to the bed, instead of being fixed in one place.


There is another type of lathe machine called the combination CNC lathe wherein it introduces milling and drilling operations into the plain work piece of the lathe. These types of machines normally have an x and a y axis using the carriage for x and a top slide for y.


Old and Typical lathe machines are being replaced rapidly by CNC lathes machines. CNC lathe uses state of the art tooling for better precision and accuracy. These CNSC machines are highly specialized, but they are set for a simpler way of setting lathes and operation. The processes are modern and advanced. Most machinists and hobbyist prefer the CNC lathe machines since they are more versatile, efficient, and simple compared with typical lathe machines. At the same time, they are sure that the operation is not taken into sacrifice while making the work simpler than it gets.


Jinn Fa Machine is a precision metal lathe manufacturer. We design and manufacture a variety of CNC lathes to customers. Jinn Fa has spent great efforts in the research and development of advanced CNC lathes. Each lathe is manufactured to the highest quality standards, with the highest versatility, providing the most competitive edge for parts machining.


If you need more detailed metal lathe specifications, welcome to contact Jinn Fa for more information.



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Quality CNC Lathe of CNC Lathe Manufacturer – SHUN CHUAN

Shun Chuan Machinery Ind Co.,Ltd. established in 1994, specialize in manufacturing CNC Lathes and High Speed Precision Lathes. Since establishment, Shun Chuan has dedicated itself to R&D and innovation based on extensive manufacturing experience. We strictly control the quality of CNC Lathe series to meet the highest standard of our clients.
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Sunmaster CNC Lathe

Sunmaster was founded as a professional manufacturer of CNC lathe in Taiwan. The CNC lathe offers unique ragidity by its efforts of research and development. It enhances heavy duty, precision and stability. With its excellent machine structure, you can handle heavy cutting with more ease than ever before. The CNC lathe features complete oil fluid separation, programmable tailstock, tool pre-setter and powerful spindle drive. The standard accessories of the CNC lathe include CNC controller, boring bar holder, O.D. facing tool holder, U drill holder, boring socket, chip conveyor, chip bucket cart, pedal switch for chunk open and close, hydraulic hollow chunk with rotary cylinder, programmable tailstock with hydraulic clamp system, work light, coolant system, heat exchanger, machining finishing lamp, automatic lubrication system, level pad, toolset, as well as rotating center. If you are interested in learning more details about the CNC lathes, please feel free to contact us or send your inquiries.


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CNE-20 CNC Lathe


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