CNC flat bed lathe

The Best Features of a CNC Flat Bed Lathe

A lathe machine performs multiple mechanisms such as shearing, sanding, turning, drilling, deforming, etc. over a range of materials such as wood, plastic and metal. With lathe machine it is easy to produce symmetrical objects. In recent years in order to provide quality solutions for several industrial needs many improvements have been implemented in designing lathe machines. A CNC lathe machine or computerized numerical controlled lathe machine is one of the innovative designs of lathe machines that have widely been used in the place of conventional machine types. It is a modern technology that does not require complete manual support for functioning. Above all CNC supports effectively in monitoring the accuracy of the machine activity over a computer screen.


Types of lathe


There are two main types of lathe machines that differ by means of the lathe bed elevation angle they are flat bed lathe machine and slant bed lathe machine. Wherein, flat bed lathe applications are widely used in heavy duty turning process with more productivity. We can rely on flat bed CNC lathe equipment for a reliable, stable and powerful shearing function. Productivity can be increased with the help of investing on flat CNC lathe machine irrespective of the model. Hence, the model has to be selected based on the respective industrial target in terms of dimension, thickness and the expected production ratio. Click here to know more about CNC Lathe Machine.


Applications and benefits of CNC flat bed lathe


A slant bed CNC lathe works on a spindle motor having the lathe bed alignment is in the slide ways and is especially effective in making Z axis motion which is relatively straighter. The CNC flat bed lathe on the other hand works effectively to obtain highly rigid accuracy where exact positioning of the metal is required. It is applied mainly for heavy duty cutting process. In general CNC flat bed lathes are mainly preferred to achieve accurate finishing along with the requisite thickness during the process of sliding, surfacing and screw turning. A CNC flat bed lathe machine is also designed in various forms to manage light and heavy metal turning process. In industries where more workshop machining works are done a flat bed lathe with CNC device is found to be more suitable option as we can get precise finishing and feel the ease of cutting, drilling in economic power consumption. Some of the popular industries where CNC flat bed lathe is highly preferred are


  • Mining
  • Shipping
  • Paper industries
  • Machineries
  • Power plants
  • Industries where drilling process is highly required
  • Shearing metal industries, etc.




Considering the common benefits of flat bed lathe equipment such as less power consumption, capacity to run 24 hours, easier programming, which requires less manual support this equipment can be suggested as a suitable option for mass production of symmetrical products. In addition, it is excellent machinery that can be used to achieve accuracy in curving, bending, and turning process of even complicated shapes and forms.


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Differences between Slant Bed and Flat Bed CNC Lathe Machines

Introduction to CNC Lathes and significance of CNC


Lathe equipment is one of the workshop machineries that can be used for a range of machining purposes such as shearing, sanding, turning, drilling, shaping, etc. A lathe works for different types of materials such as all kinds of metals, wood, and even plastic. It is one of the best workshop equipment that stays perfect to obtain proportioned objects. With several technological innovations have been made to cope up with the industrial demands, lathe device has been incorporated with computerized technology called CNC.


A Computerized numerical control or CNC lathe works with modern concept with which machining can be made effective and monitored as well. Lathe equipment is of two types lathe machines flat bed lathe and slant bed lathe. A CNC is a latest technology that works with the help of a computer where you can monitor the equipment performance in a computer. A CNC lathe is of two types’ CNC flat bed lathe and CNC slant bed lathe. Both the types of CNC lathe device are preferred for the improved applications they offer.


What are Slant Bed and Flat Bed CNC Lathe Equipment?


A slant bed lathe with CNC technology and the flat bed lathe vary in terms of lathe bed alignment. The lather bed is aligned in sideways in a slant bed lathe as it is found to be very useful in producing straight movement in Z axis. The motion of the moving parts of the machine is stabilized in slant bed which helps in maintaining accuracy in the machining process. The slant position of the backlash promotes to process work even with heavy loads. Mounting the tool, whole machine bed and other maintenance roles are easy to play in slant bed. Flat bed equipment on the other hand contains lathe bed in flat position in which the material needs to be positioned appropriate. Flat bed can be opted for designing with variations to handle light and heavy metal machining process.


Differences between Slant and Flat Bed CNC lathe Machine


  • A CNC flat bed lathe stays perfect to achieve accuracy of rigid materials, whereas slant bed can be preferred to obtain Z axis movement in machining
  • A flat bed can be preferred for handling lighter and heavy duty materials, whereas slant bed can work only for lighter material
  • A flat bed is reliable than a slant bed in terms of low power consumption, higher range of productivity, stability and machining.
  • A slant bed lathe is relatively beneficial in loading, accessing and machining as it works only with lighter materials, whereas flat bed lathe requires the support of a skilled professional who can handle it properly.


Applications of Flat Bed CNC and Slant Bed Lathe


Both the lathe models are preferred for various industrial purposes such as


  • In Shipping
  • In mining
  • Machineries
  • Power Plants
  • Industrial workshops where higher amount of drilling is required
  • Conclusion


While considering the two models, a flat bed is more beneficial when it comes to more production requirement. Hence, investing in flat bed lathe is relatively good for large business.


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