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Why Do You Need A Recycling Baler?

One of the most useful recycling equipment designed in the recent time – Recycling balers


As cardboard is extensively used for packaging, a large amount it comes as waste in landfills. Recycling balers help conserve the environment by crushing the cardboard and compacting large amounts into a single are Cardboard Balers which is easy to transport. Cardboard balers are basically equipment in which cardboard is fed. The press installed within the balers helps to compress the cardboard. The compressed bales are tied off before it is released. Two types of balers are largely used – horizontal cardboard baler and vertical cardboard baler.


Why Cardboard Balers are rising in popularity?


Cardboard balers are becoming hugely popular these days as it not only helps conserve environment but also help companies save a huge amount of money. Commercial establishments that are increasingly making use of recycling balers include retail outlets, restaurants, office, convenient stores, warehouses, and pharmacies. Discussed here are some of the major advantages of a cardboard baler.


  • Follow rules and avoid fines

    – To conserve the environment, in many countries Governments have set up rules and regulation for companies regarding waste disposal. It is suggested that the producers of cardboard’s should be responsible for the reprocessing and recycling of cardboards. A fine is imposed on companies who fail to follow such rules. In this regard, cardboard baler helps companies abide by the rules and avoid fines.


  • Help economize on waste disposal

    – Through the use of recycling balers, the recyclable material is compacted significantly. Companies thereby save on the cost of hauling the recyclables. Besides, if a company does not have a recycling facility of its own and decides to sell the recyclables to a recycler, it again stands to make money.


  • Help reduce storage needs

    – As the cardboard’s are compacted through the use of balers, they’ll occupy less space. This means companies would not need to allocate a large amount of space for keeping the baled material. This not only helps companies economize on space, which is a valuable resource but also help safeguard the life of workers through efficient material management.


  • Helps reduce guilt

    – Environment is everybody’s concern. Throwing a large amount of material produces guilt in the minds of sensitive human beings. However, by making use of recycling equipment such as cardboard balers, people experience a feel good factor as they get a feeling that they too are doing their small bit towards environment conservation.


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Simple Introduction of Cardboard Balers

The cardboard baler from Sinobaler, also known as a mill size baler, is widely used in cardboard/paper waste recycling facilities, cardboard/paper manufacturing units, supermarkets, department stores, grocery stores, drug stores, printing facilities, and other facilities that generate massive waste cardboard/paper.


Baler Applications:

Cartons, used corrugated cardboard (O.C.C.), paper, film, packing materials, etc.


Baler Definition:

Baler is a machine which uses the compressing force of hydraulic cylinder to reduce the size of various waste materials and turn them to regular shaped dense bales (in most cases, square shape). When one bale is ready, the operator can proceed to belt it with straps or steel wires for keeping the compacted status after ejecting.


Main Features:

  • Auto Chain Bale Ejector for automatically ejecting bales out of the chamber through the lifting force of the chain


  • Auto Lifting Feeding Door can be automatically lifted up when the platen moves upwards, which cuts the labor cost for door opening and promotes work efficiency.


  • Wide Feed Opening makes it easier and more efficient to feed big-size waste sheets


Baler Benefits:

Ensuring the straps or steel wires is tightly belt all over the bales, increasing the density of waste materials so that more volumes of the waste could be loaded into containers or stored in the warehouse. Baler acts as an important assistant for companies who deal with waste materials, creating new profits to customers when reducing their transportation and storage expense for waste material management.


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