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Selecting Plasma Welding Machines

Plasma welding machines have become quite popular today. These machines have reduced their price also. There are many who are going out to purchase plasma cutting machines today. The machines cut electrically conducting metal with the help of a high velocity ionized gas that is brought out of a nozzle. The high velocity of ionized air turns into plasma as they conduct electricity from the nozzle. This plasma is used to cut the metal sheet as it comes into contact with it. The metal sheet is melted and cut along the desired line of cut with the help of this machine. This process is widely used in the industry today. This is a perfect method of cutting steel and non-ferrous material. This method is used by amateurs today too as it is easy and much more efficient than normal cutting tools.


There are certain guidelines that you should stick to when you are going to purchase a plasma cutting tool. Not only will this enhance your knowledge about the product but it will also help you make an informed decision about the product that you are going to purchase. The first factor that you need to consider when you are buying such a tool is the thickness of the material that you are going to be working with. For a material with high thickness you should go for a machine that has a high amperage rating. The higher the amperage rating the thicker metal you can cut. However, if you are working with thin sheets of metal then you can go ahead with a low amperage machine. The next thing that you should remember is the cutting speed or the production rate. If you require high rates of production or high cutting speeds, then you should go for a machine that has again, a high amperage rating. Lower amperage rating would mean lower cutting speeds. However, in thinner metal cuts, the quality of the cut is reduced. The optimal cutting speed would be obtained from a machine that has high amperage rating.


The pilot arc of the plasma welding machine often conducts with the air to produce high frequency. This sometimes causes problems with other electrical equipment that are around the machine. Therefore make sure that you manage enough space between the machine and the plasma cutting tool. This will ensure that your other equipment does not get damaged with the electricity that is conducted in the air while the machine is operational.


When selecting a plasma welding machine, you should be sure to view a product demonstration and also make a number of test cuts till you are satisfied with the machine. You should always try to go for a cutting machine that has a high pilot arc. This will give you more control over your work and would increase the quality of the work. Always purchase from a reputed manufacturer. Most of the manufacturers today provide total consumer support so you will have no problem with the machine afterwards.


MAY SHUAY specializes in manufacturing and marketing of high efficient and labor-saving turn key automatic welding equipment. We offer customers the options of laser welding machine, seam welders, precision plasma welding machine, inverter TIG welders, MIG welders and plasma cutting machine. Our variety and complete line of welding machines offer customers a one stop shopping selection. Welcome to browse our website to learn further details about plasma welding machine or other welders. Feel free to contact with May Shuay.



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Shuztung Machinery, a leading company of manufacturing various machinery and automation equipment launching a brand new 3D laser cutting equipment and TIG welding robot.


Brand new 3D laser cutting machine has launched by Shuztung Machinery in 2017.


More than 40 years of experiences in machine equipment developing and manufacturing, Shuztung Machinery is one of the leading companies in manufacturing turn-key equipment for bicycles, tube/pipe benders, end forming machines…etc. Machines do not only sell to Taiwanese customers, but also mainly for worldwide markets with high reputation. More than 1000 items are sold around the world.


In 2017, Shuztung Machinery has developed a brand new model, RLS-1000, 3D laser cutting machine which is a new innovation system including 8 axes robot system and IPG laser cutting head to be worked for various cutting of angles, curvature, curve, and irregular shapes. For different industries, such as Automotive, Aerospace, Bicycles, Motorcycles, 3D industry, and Conventional industry. For different materials, like carbon steel, CRMO steel, stainless, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy…etc. Together with the hydroforming facility in Shuztung, Shuztung had provided the hydroforming tubes with laser cut angles for various clients such as GIANT, GENIO BIKE, ORA ENGINEERING, and APRO-TEK.


A successful TIG welding robot would be shown during Taipei Cycle Show. Adopt with OTC TIG welding generator and OTC welding robot which bring the bicycle industry high production, high quality, and high accuracy welding solution.


Shuztung Machinery is demonstrating 3D laser cutting machine, TIG welding robot in 2017 Taipei Cycle Exhibition. Welcome to visit us at the show for more information.


2017 Taipei Cycle Exhibition

Date: March 22th to 25th, 2017

Booth: M0332




TEL: +886-4-26831886

EMAIL: joy_huang@shuztung.com.tw




High Performance and Easy Operation Mesh Weaving Machine Supplier – Jiu Tai

Hexagonal Gabion Mesh Weaving Machine (JT-GAB Series)
Hexagonal Gabion Mesh Weaving Machine


JIU TAI Precision Industries Corp. is the professional manufacturer of producing Hexagonal Gabion Mesh Weaving Machine. Our mesh weaving machine is with 4M maximum working width. And this machine has smooth operation, low noise and high efficiency characteristics. A mesh recoiler is required if need to produce in “roll” form.


Jiu Tai hexagonal mesh weaving machines adopt straight-reverse twisted principle, do not need to make the iron wire into spring type, its operation and maintenance are easy, so work efficiency can be greatly increased.


Moreover, applications of Jiu Tai’s hexagonal gabion mesh weaving machine are a lot, such as can manufacture gabions that are fabricated from hexagonal mesh, used in control and guide of water or flood, flood bank or guiding bank, preventing of rock breaking, water and soil protection, bridge protection, strengthening structure of soil, isolation walls, protection of road, etc.


Gabion Mesh Applications ←Gabion mesh applications


If you are interested in our hexagonal gabion mesh weaving machines, welcome to visit the website of Jiu Tai to learn further details and feel free to contact with us.



No.36, Minyou St., Douliou Industrial Area, Yunlin, Taiwan

Tel: 886-5-5570911

Fax: 886-5-5570916

Email: jt0911@jiu-tai.com.tw


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Used Spot Welders Cost-Effective and Economical

Resistance welding is commonly used for joining steel sheets. These machines have evolved over the years. There is no metal filler needed, and the heat for the weld pool is created by means of resistance when a high welding current is directed through the welded work pieces. This technique is a highly efficient production method that is particularly well-suited for automated mass production and production lines.


Resistance welding is ideal for small batch production because this method is flexible, the equipment used is simple and the process is easy to control. Though these machines are highly priced they help provide quality welds, every time and at the required production rate. Seek the advice from the experts as they suggest the most cost effective and economical spot welders. Spot welding is one form of resistance welding. Spot welding focuses on specific points to weld and not on connecting the entire metal object. This technology allows you to perform repairs on previously welded objects.


Spot Welder is used in contacting metal surfaces welded by the heat from resistance to the electricity flow. Sheets having thickness of 0.5-3.0 mm are joined using this process. Determining the appropriate welding parameters is a very complex issue. A small change in one parameter has a major effect on other parameters as well. The contact surface of the electrode is gradually increasing making it difficult to design a welding parameter table. The table displays optimum parameters for different circumstances.


This kind of equipment takes care of almost all welding safety requirements for various industries and is also easy to install. Few industries where this equipment is used are heavy machinery and water equipment. Different metals of various thicknesses require different current amplitudes, time intervals and types of electrodes. For instance, if the equipment is not properly installed it could end up delivering too much or too little energy to the sheets being bonded. If too much of energy is delivered the sheets would melt excessively, which creates a whole in them rather than a weld. However, if the amount of energy is too little that will be insufficient to melt the metals and bond them.


Jiu Tai is an experienced and professional Spot Welder manufacturer, providing various welding machines which can be design to requirement and pre-made in-house under rigorous QC. We believe that Jiu Tai can always keep the highest level and high quality spot welders to provide for customers. If you are interested in welding machine series, welcome to visit our website and feel free to contact Jiu Tai.



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Overview of Laser Welding Machine

Laser welding machine is also called Laser Beam Welding machine and it is a commercial process and is used when you want to fuse together several pieces of metal. The way it works is that a laser beam is pointed to a joint and then the beam is moved along that joint. The process will melt the metals into a liquid, fuse them together, and then make them solid again.


This is generally a process that is used when you want a linear continuous seam or at times when you want spot welds in a certain area. There are basically two types of laser welding machines. Laser conduction welding focuses the beam on a specific area and relies on the conductivity of the metal it is melting to conduct the heat into the joint. As this happens, the material being welded changes from solid to liquid, and then they turn back into solid and they are welded.


In laser penetration welding, the laser beam is pointed into a certain area and at a stack of material that needs to be melted all together. This single location creates a space for the beam to concentrate on the specific needs of the metals to be melted. Some of this material will then vaporize and create a hole that is as thick as the material that was heated.


After the heating and cooling down of the metal it is welded; this is similar to a spot lap joint. The two types of lasers that are used for this process are the Gas Laser that uses a mixture of several gases that can include helium, nitrogen or carbon dioxide for its media, or a Solid State Laser that uses a solid media like a synthetic ruby aluminum oxide or gas. Both type so lasers can be used as continuous streams or pulsed modes of operation.


The Laser Welding process is very versatile and it can be used on many different steels including carbon, HSLA, stainless, aluminum or titanium. In some instances like the carbon steels, you will need to guard against cracking because of the cooling rates. This type of welding does gain a high quality weld and it can be a very fast process, depending on the thickness of the piece you are working on.


The automotive industry uses Laser welding machine for much of what it does and the gas laser machine are usually the most readily suitable for this type of high volume.


There are several advantages of laser welding machines. You can send the laser beam through the air rather than having to place it in a vacuum and robots can easily do this type of work. You can get a higher quality in your welds.


There is also another hybrid type of laser welding that is called laser hybrid welding and it combines both laser beam and arc welding so you get more flexible positions and welding speeds are higher, and undercutting is reduced.


A few of the advantages to laser welding are that you can do deeper or more narrow welds than can be done with other processes, you don’t have to worry about distortions because they aren’t created with the laser. For more info about laser welding machines, feel free to contact us!



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Taiwan Welding Machine Manufacturer

As a specialized welding machines and welding equipment manufacturer, we, Jiu Tai Precision Industries Corp. is located in the middle-southern part of Taiwan with many years of technical improvement and expansion. Welding machines and wire meshes products offered by JIU TAI have been exported actively worldwide every year. We specialize in mesh making and fence weaving machineries (e.g. wire mesh welding machine & its auxiliary machines for full plant and production line supply such as wire drawing & ribbing machine, automatic mesh turning & stacking machines, welded mesh recoiler, wire straightening & cutting machine, mesh shearing machine/guillotine, mesh bending machine, etc.), as well as the automatic chain link fencing machine, high speed barbed wire machine, hexagonal wire netting machine, hexagonal gabion mesh weaving machine, and mobile security barrier with automatic barrier fence deployment and retrieval for riot and temporary traffic control and so on. We also produce various wire mesh (e.g. welded mesh, chain link fence mesh: galvanized and PVC coated), and plywood conveyance belt, etc. We would like to recommend the most suitable machine/equipment for you, and assist you to the best of our ability for your specific requirement. Performance, quality, innovation, service, and tech support are what you can expect and will see in our products, company, staff, and service. Contact us for any of your welding machines and equipment inquiry.


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Jiu Tai Precision – Professional Welding Machine Manufacturer

Established in 1983, Jiu Tai Precision Industries Corp. is a remarkable industrial equipment manufacturer specializing in barbed wire machine, wire mesh welding machines, wire welding machines, chain link fence machine and spot welder.

We have rich experience and market knowledge in this filed. Our industrial wire equipment is constantly developing to reflect nowadays industry improvements and changing specifications and standards.

In order to improve our products QC, we equipped with the state-of-the-art testers that is well experienced in strict product inspection. This system guarantees superior product qualities and gains customer reliability.

If you are wondering outstanding welding machines, welcome to visit our website, and sincerely hope we would be your best business partner in the future.


Jiu Tai - Welding Machine


Jiu Tai Precision Industries Corp.

TEL: 886-5-5570911
FAX: 886-5-5570916
No.36, Minyou St., Douliou Industrial Area, Yunlin, Taiwan
E-mail: jt0911@jiu-tai.com.tw


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Jiu Tai – Manufacturer for Wire Welding Machines

Established in 1983, Jiu Tai Precision Industries Corp. is a remarkable wire welding machine manufacturer specializing in welding machine and wire mesh equipments especially for welded mesh, chain link fence and conveyor belts, which are outstanding among the counterparts. Sticking to the business concept of making the best better and pursuing perfection, they dedicate to product research and development all the time. Its excellent quality, great trustworthiness and moderate price earn us scores of praises.

In 1992, concerning the further improvement of quality and quantity as well as efficient services, they moved to a new premise occupying more than 10,000 m2 in Douliou Industrial Park and recruited professionals to upgrade production techniques. Thus, our business was expanded to production and marketing of welding equipment, fully automatic chain link fence machine, high-speed barbed wire machine and hexagonal wire netting machine that made our business development specialized and diversified. In addition, they acquired ISO 9001 certificate.



Jiu Tai Precision Industries Co., Ltd.
No.36, Minyou St., Douliou Industrial Area, Yunlin, Taiwan
TEL: 886-5-5570911 
FAX: 886-5-5570916 
E-mail: jt0911@jiu-tai.com.tw

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