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Make Your Rubber Products Crack Proof with Ozone Testing

Rubber is a very useful material that is used in almost all the industries to produce various types of products like tires, seals, gaskets, footwear, household products, industrial material, fasteners, etc. These products are manufactured by processing the natural rubber into vulcanized form. As the natural rubbers are very soft and fragile in nature, they can’t be used for production process of any material whether domestic or industrial. Hence, to make the rubber useful, the process of vulcanization is followed. Vulcanization of the rubbers is the process through which the physical and chemical properties of natural rubber are changed to some extent by adding sufficient amount of sulphur to it. This automatically changes various properties of the Sulphur and makes the rubber hard to use for production purposes. The amount of adding sulphur is not fixed; this depends on the application for which the rubber is needed.


After the process of vulcanization, rubber is sent to different industries to proceed for further manufacturing. When the rubber material goes through the rigorous manufacturing process, the strong and high-quality of rubbers products will be obtained that are used for various industrial purposes as well as for domestic purposes. The rubber compounds are used for various crucial applications like aircraft, aerospace, defense equipment, and many more. Hence, the rubber material which is used to manufacture these products must be of topmost quality and utmost grade. This is only possible if proper quality testing techniques should be followed while testing the quality of the rubbers. This can be done with the help of high quality of testing instruments. The testing devices that are used to verify the quality of the rubbers must be of best quality. One of the best testing instruments which are used to check the quality of the rubbers is “Ozone Test Chamber“.


The rubber goods frequently face the harsh working conditions that also have the presence of Ozone layer in it. The ozone is a very harsh has that adversely affect the quality of the rubbers and the mechanical properties of the rubbers products. This forces the manufacturers to test the effect of ozone on any rubber product. The ozone chamber is an extremely accurate testing instrument which is used to measure the impact of ozone concentration on various properties of the rubbers. It is a closed cabinet that produces original ozone environment to assess the effects of the ozone on the properties of the rubber compounds accurately.


If you are looking for machinery of ozone test, Ektron Tek will be the best choice for you. Their ozone test chambers can provide precise and accurate ozone (OZ) concentration environment for rubber and polymer test. For more details, try to visit the Ozone Test Chambers Expert – Ektron Tek.



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What is a Tensile Tester?

A tensile tester, also known as a tension tester, tests a material’s strength. It’s a mechanical test where a pulling force is applied to a material from both sides until the sample changes its shape or breaks. It’s is a common and important test that provides a variety of information about the material being tested, including the elongation, yield point, tensile strength, and ultimate strength of the material. These tests are commonly performed on substances such as metals, plastics, wood, and ceramics.


The tensile strength of a sample of material describes how it reacts when tension is applied to it. By measuring the changes, engineers can determine a variety of things about the material, which is helpful in determining whether it is a suitable choice for the application they have in mind. In addition to whether a material changes in shape, a tensile test will also show a material’s “ultimate strength,” the maximum tensile load that the material can stand. It also uncovers the material’s “yield point,” which is the amount of tension that causes the sample to break or fail.


Testing systems use a number of different units of measurement. The International System of Units, or SI, recommends the use of either Pascals (Pa) or Newtons per square meter (N/m2) for describing tensile strength. In the United States, many engineers measure tensile strength in kilo-pound per square inch (KSI).


Tensile testers have been used commercially since the late 1800s. The earliest were hand operated, but modern versions that are used commercially may incorporate computers and highly sensitive electrical components. These more advanced machines enable scientists and engineers to obtain extremely accurate measurements.


In addition to dedicated machines that test only tensile strength, there are versatile pieces of equipment called universal testing machines (UTMs). These UTMs can perform a variety of stress tests, including bending tests and compression tests, a single sample of material.


Tensile testing is vitally important in a number of industries, including mechanical engineering, structural engineering, and architecture. During the planning stage of a building project, for example, these professionals normally calculate the stresses to which a building might be subjected. To ensure a stable construction, it is then necessary to select appropriate building materials, which will be able to withstand those stresses without breaking.


Specializing in rubber testing equipment, Ektron Tek manufactures tensile testers, plunger testers, vibration testers and mixing graders etc.. If you need more details about tensile testers, please feel free to contact with us. Ektron Tek provides the best products with the best service.



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About Some Knowledge of Rheometer

A rheometer is a device that was developed to measure how a liquid’s suspensions or slurries flow when force is applied to it. Many fluids can be tested with a rheometer when a single numerical viscosity value cannot determine them due to their components. A rheometer can also be used to discover the additional parameters and values that a viscometer can correctly measure. In other words, the rheometer tests a fluid’s rheology.


There are two types of rheometers that test a liquid’s rheology. There is an applied shear stress/strain option that is known as a rotational/shear rheometer. It is designed to measure native strain and can provide valuable data for measuring the liquid’s shear stress. The other type is a native stress controlled rheometer. It is used to control the application of a defined stress/shear that measures the strain of the shear as a result. But we only talk about shear rheometer series in this article.


What does Rheometer Mean?


The word Rheometer comes from a Greek word that means “measuring flow.” Therefore, the device created for this task was dubbed the rheometer. The word rheometer has historically been used to refer to different types of measurement devices. First, it was the name of the device that measured electric current until a new word was created to replace it (the galvanometer or ammeter). It was also the name of the medical tool used to measure blood flow. Rheometer was also the name of the civil engineering tool used to measure water flow. After the term rheology was defined, the tools previously referred to as rheometers were renamed.


Rheometers that Measure Shear


There are a wide variety of rheometers that measure shear in different ways. Though these have slight differences, they generally offer the same kind of information. The following are the available shear rheometers:


Pipe or Capillary – The pipe or capillary rheometer is designed to measure a liquid that is forced through a tube. This makes it possible to measure a constant cross section and dimensions that define the laminar flow of the fluid. Shear rate can be determined via the dimensions measured from the liquid’s flow rate and pressure drop, which are converted into the proper shear stress measurement.


Rotational cylinder – This is a cylinder and a one-plate measuring system, where the liquid is placed within the small ring space of a cylinder that is inside another. The cylinder is then rotated at a speed that makes the shear rate measurable. The torque of the force that is needed to turn the other cylinder is then used to convert the shear rate into shear stress. A modern day rotational cylinder apparatus may be able to spin at 600, 300, 200, 100, 6 & 3 RPM to measure the shear stress of fluids. Modern day options can also be programmed to measure these values at changing intervals, which can measure important time based readings.


Cone and plate – Here, a liquid is placed on a flat plate as well as a short, shallow cone that is placed on top. The cone is typically at a one degree slant. The plate is rotated and the force exerted on the cone is measured. Oscillating versions of this rheometer can measure additional values such as elasticity.


Ektron Tek Co., Ltd. is a rheometer manufacturer which has professional research and maintenance team. With more than 30 years of experience and technology, we have marketed our products worldwide with our brand EKTRON TEK. Thanks to continuous efforts and innovation, we have gained the trust and compliments as a world-reputed company from our customers and have maintained the leading position of rubber testing instruments industry in Asia. If you need more information about rheometer series, welcome to visit our website and feel free to contact Ektron Tek.



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Product Introduction of Standard Laboratory Mill – Ektron Tek

Ektron Tek Co., Ltd. is a rubber testing equipment manufacturer which has professional research and maintenance team. With more than 30 years of experience and technology, we have marketed our products worldwide with our brand EKTRON TEK. Thanks to continuous efforts and innovation, we have gained the trust and compliments as a world-reputed company from our customers and have maintained the leading position of rubber testing instruments industry in Asia.


Now, we are going to have a simple introduction of Ektron Tek’s product – Standard Laboratory Mill. Ektron Tek provides a variety of high quality laboratory equipment, and EKT-1000SLM model standard laboratory mill is one of them. Some information about EKT-1000SLM below:


Standard Laboratory Mill EKT-1000SLM
EKT-1000SLM Standard Laboratory Mill


EKT-1000SLM Standard Laboratory Mill is a computerized two rollers mixer which is completely complies with the requirements of all international standards such as ASTM, ISO, RRIM, GB…etc. With some patents in system control, measurement, and software functions, it can provide perfect performance in mixing operation and also other benefits in rubber quality evaluations.


This mixer is available for setting different roller speed and ration in accordance with international standards. By programed settings, it can provide induced steps to user to mux standard compound in correct procedures. And also by adopting some sensors, the rollers temperature, power consumption, mixing torque will be recorded for the reference of handling rubber characteristics during mixing.


Additionally, optional network software is available for linking data and curves to Mooney Viscometer and Plasticity Retention tester to summarize all data of raw material or compound for analyzing its rheological characteristics and quality.


If you are looking for high quality and high accuracy rubber testing equipment and standard laboratory mill, welcome to visit the website of Ektron Tek to learn further details about laboratory instruments. And feel free to contact us.


Ektron Tek Co., Ltd.

Tel: 886-4-8761635

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Email: info@ektrontek.com


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Best Vibration Simulation Machine Provider in Taiwan – Ektron Tek

VS-2001 Vibration Simulation is an intelligent rubber testing instrument which measures the dynamic behavior of rubber compound and simulates the behavior in different temperature environment. It provides the function of traditional Goodrich Flexometer and measures the elastic & viscous modules as well. VS-2001 Vibration Simulation is suitable for predicting the heat-build-up of rubber and getting the information of dynamic behavior in the rubber industry.

Our simulator is designed to obtain information about the properties of material and products with broadest range of testing capabilities and computerized testing systems. This testing instrument provides static & dynamic tests and data collection by professional software system. The VS series, a new generation of vibration simulations from Ektron Tek, will provide you a powerful and reliable analysis system.


For the vibration analysis research, the VS series have the most reliable and cost-effective testing solutions. The systems is designed to measure the damping coefficient the elastic coefficient (Kd Ks), the viscous coefficient and the loss coefficient (tan), modules analytic data offers greater insight into rubber compounds. In conclusion, the VS2001 is designed for the application of rubber compounding.


Environmental Chambers Optional temperature control chamber enables user to study the dynamic properties of specimens at the simulating environment of temperature variety. Many types of plastic and rubber materials may have tremendous change of their mechanical properties under stimulated environmental condition. According to the latest research of rubber material, especially in automotive and other rubber related industries, it is very important to know the behavior of materials in different environmental.


Ektron Tek offers complete product line of temperature chambers depending on the requirements of testing rubbers, composites, and elastomers.


Note: Customers can provide information of testing environment, for instance: Static force capacity, Dynamic force capacity, Max frequency (sine wave) and Max stroke of actuator etc. Ektron’s technical team will help customers to select the most suitable instrument.


With years of experiences in manufacturing rubber testing machinery, Ektron Tek provides the best vibration simulation machines to our clients. Our vibration testers featuring high efficiency and accuracy, which is the smartest choice for you! In addition, we also manufacture full series of tire testing machines, tensile testers and rheometers. Please feel free to send inquiries to us and we will reply you ASAP!


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A Taiwan Tensile Tester Company

Ektron Tek Co., Ltd. is a tensile tester company with a professional research and maintenance team with over 20 years of experience and technology. It has marketed its products worldwide with its own brand EKTRON TEK. Owing to continuous efforts and innovation, we have gained the trust and compliments of world-reputed companies and have maintained the leading position in the Asian tensile testers.


* Advantage server motor, high quality warm gear gearbox, and precise roll bearing screw are adopted to ensure the accurate control and results.

    • * Varity test and measure functions for tensile strength tester:
    • * Powerful database enables the user to retrieve and review the rest result.
    • * Easy edit function offers the user to design suitable report formats.
    • * Auxiliary calibration software and standard weights enable the user to periodically and easily calibrate this instrument.
    • * Other software features contain: (1) selectable X/Y coordinates (2) per-set multiple sample thickness (3) selectable average calculation methods (4) the way of collection and calculation of the database inside the software could be increased or modified according to the client’s request.
    • * Provide general used types of grips and sample cutting dies for customer’s option.

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